Secluded within a valley in the Serra Calderona stands a monastery with a 700-year history whose monks are experts at self-isolation.

Every summer and winter for the last 361 years, France and Spain have been passing a small, unpopulated island back and forth between them.

Some of Spain’s most cherished foods have origins in times of scarcity, and some surprising original ingredients.

A Valencian Paella

The rivalry between a right-wing journalist and left-wing government minister has spilt into the courts, with each accused of going to illegal lengths to bring down the other.

How the evolution of Francisco de Goya’s art reflected the disintegration of his country and his own descent into insanity.

Fight With Cudgels, Goya

A large number of Spain’s most traditional local tapas bars are now run by members of the Chinese community. Why?

Though Spain’s dictatorship ended years ago, Franco’s descendants refuse to leave the stage.

While Spain’s urban centres become ever more crowded, its villages are quickly emptying. Some have no residents left.

When a young nation’s president decreed that 95% of all music played on the radio must be Zambian, he didn’t expect it to lead to a psychedelic rock revolution.

How the building of a motorway through a public park in Glasgow taught a new generation of working-class Scots about their past

James Crocket

I’m a writer and musician living in Valencia, Spain. Every week I write a newsletter of lesser-known stories from Spain

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